Get Your Checklist Done for Back to School Sports!

Get Your Checklist Done for Back to School Sports!

Tarah Martinez on Jul 25th 2023

As the back-to-school sports season approaches, it's time for our young athletes to gear up. Whether they are setting foot on the football field, lining up on the track, or getting ready to serve on the volleyball court, having the right equipment is vital for performance and safety. Below is our must have essentials for the 2023/2024 school year!

Football: The proper equipment is crucial to ensure safety in this sport. Athletes will need quality shoulder pads, thigh and knee pads, a mouthguard, and cleats. Don't forget the importance of proper fitting for all protective gear to ensure optimal protection. Football helmets should all be certified by Nocsae (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment). All helmets we sell are new and certified.

Soccer: A good pair of cleats, and shin guards are essentials. Players will also want to have their own quality soccer ball for practice at home and on the field. Buy at least 2-3 pairs of socks to reduce emergency  laundry episodes! 

Volleyball: For volleyball players, comfortable shoes with good grip, knee pads for protection during dives and slides, and a high-quality volleyball for home practices are necessary. 

Swimming: High-quality swimwear that reduces drag, goggles to protect the eyes, and a swim cap to lessen resistance in the water are essential. A towel and a good sports bag for carrying gear are also needed. Consider buying  training gear to increase your performance!

Wrestling: Good wrestling shoes mimic the feel of going barefoot while providing more grip and traction without limiting flexibility. They also protect the skin from damage from the mats and transmutable skin diseases. Good head gear will protect ears and head and is a required piece of equipment.

In addition to the sport-specific equipment, there are other essentials that every athlete should have:

Water Bottle: Hydration is vital. Opt for a high-quality, reusable water bottle that can keep water cold. Be sure to wash and clean them between events! Squeeze bottles are the best alternative for sports because you can pour water into the mouth without contaminating the spout. 

Sports Bag: A durable bag is essential for carrying and organizing gear. We offer many sport specific options to optimize room for your gear!

First Aid Kit: It's always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit on hand for minor injuries. This should include bandages, athletic tape, antiseptic wipes, and instant cold packs.

When shopping, make sure to keep in mind that equipment should be high-quality, properly fitted, and adhering to safety standards and rules. This investment not only contributes to better performance but also ensures the safety and well-being of our young athletes.

The back-to-school sports season is a time of great excitement and promise. With the right gear in hand, our student-athletes can face the challenges ahead with confidence and focus solely on their performance, growth, and enjoyment of the game.