Back at it...

Back at it...

Tarah Martinez on Aug 4th 2021

As summer nears the end, our minds are already transitioning to “back to school mode.” For many parents, back to school means more than just school schedules. It means school sports are back too. And due to COVID, they are making a comeback more than ever before.

As your kids get back into the “swing” of things, here’s a couple of ways to help your family transition and to help prepare for all the good stuff a new school year and season bring us.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare

As discussed in our last blog, demand for equipment has skyrocketed, and the shortage of supplies only continues to grow. So, as you step into this next sports season, try to do your best at preparing ahead of time for the season with your equipment. Not sure what you need yet? Ask one of our team members! We work with most of our local schools and can hopefully assist you in what you might need or know of what equipment the school might already have planned for your team.

Find ways to support your teammates

Sports being absent throughout the last year took a significant toll on businesses, students, and school budgets. If you have extra equipment, consider asking your school or organization if someone else could use it or if it could be donated somewhere. The more we can keep our kids participating in their favorite activities, the smoother the transition back to a regular school year will be.

Be flexible

One thing COVID taught us is nothing is ever certain. Most teams in the last year have had multiple changes in schedules, teammates, opponents, and more. The best we can do is show our kids that life will throw you some curveballs, but at the end of the day, all you can do is show up and play and do your best, regardless of changes.

We can’t wait to see what exciting things our local teams accomplish this year and we are confident it will be their best year yet!