The Sports Holiday  Gift Guide

The Sports Holiday Gift Guide

Tarah Martinez on Nov 18th 2021

With the passing of daylight savings time and the fall season, the holidays have once again snuck up on us. Shopping for the perfect gift for your athlete may be challenging in the day of high-priced tech and endless gadgets at their fingertips. We are here to help make you the holiday hero with the latest sports equipment and ideas sure to impress this year.

Letter Jackets

The classic letterman jacket has been an American icon for over 150 years and continues to represent and showcase the tremendous accomplishments of your student. With endless options for customizing with your school colors, this is the ideal gift for the holidays. Combined with custom embroidery with graduating year, last name, or even a nickname, this is sure to be a top choice this year. Just remember to check deadlines for ordering and embroidery!

Glove of the Month

Among the abundance of sports equipment available on the market, don't leave out Rawlings and Wilson's classic collectible baseball gloves. Each month a new variation is released, and this is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your top baseball player with a collector glove. We do have some in stock from previous month's so call us today to check availability!

Practice Nets

Even in the offseason, there are always ways to have your athlete practice their favorite sport. A practice net is an excellent start for those trying to stay in peak condition while in-between seasons. With baseball, soccer, and lacrosse nets to choose from, this might be the best off-season gift you can get!

Gift Cards

As we all may now know with teenagers, cash is king. So sometimes, the best gift is letting them splurge on something they might not be able to get regularly during their sports season. This gift can also be a lifesaver if you want to gift a custom letter jacket, but the deadline has already passed to get it on time for Christmas!

Gift shopping isn’t always easy, but we are here to help with simple and easy ways to make your kids feel the love this holiday season! As always, we appreciate you buying small and local this holiday season!