#1 Gift for Christmas!

#1 Gift for Christmas!

Tarah Martinez on Nov 10th 2022

Letter jackets, embroidery, and gifts oh my! The holiday season is quickly approaching, and letter jackets are always a guaranteed hit for your student-athlete.

The letter jacket first came onto the scene in 1865 at Harvard University as a way for athletes to compete to keep their jacket after momentous games. The version we know today was introduced in 1930 and has become a classic icon for students to show their school pride and show off their athletic and academic accomplishments. Although the cardigan and wool versions have alternated in popularity, both are still available today, along with many customization options!

We carry many school’s colors in-store, but we offer customization of your student's jacket online to make the buying process easy during this busy holiday season!

We have various colors and styling options, including sleeve choice, collar choice, length (for those tall athletes!), and embroidery. The deadline to submit a jacket for embroidery in time for Christmas is November 23rd. Missed the deadlines or unsure which style they would like? We always have gift cards available for your student to come to customize their jacket after the holidays!